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Wow… Its been a while since I updated here. Iv been busy with school, life,
family, friends, love and such. The start of this semester was something of a
rollercoaster but that’s all behind me now. Speaking of family, shouts out to my
brother Darren, its his birthday today!

I promised Sean a full review of my Nokia 3650. The short version is "I like
it!". Not much bad to say about the phone, the battery last all of 2-3 days for
me even with the Bluetooth receiver off. Its mad to play games on it in class.
I’m only slightly missing the MP3 player in some of the other Nokia models. The
PC Sync stuff is quirky but it gets the job done.

Work on the Thesis is going slower than I had planned. It turns out that
distributed synchronization without a server of any sort is a very difficult
problem with no perfect solution. I think that I have something worked out now
that everyone will like but its going to take a while to get it up and running.

Tonight is Halloween of course and we are throwing the usual party at the
usual place ;-). This year we had to give out tickets to keep the size of the
thing down. No admittance without a costume, no exceptions!