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Website Update

I went back and tore up my pages into template chunks and fed them into the template module system in MoveableType. This makes all the pages look the same which is a good thing. Some pages have different menu blocks which is also a neat trick. There are now RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds. The about page is no longer empty and expect to see a photo up there soon. I also added a plain text formatted version of my resume because some jobs require it to be in that format.

Next up is the links page which I’m hoping to replace with the contents of my bookmarks from FireFox. I also rather like the idea of doing some art work for a site logo and icon, perhaps its time to try The Gimp again.

Butter Toast!

I’v wanted to add photos to this website for some time now. I saw this on the make blog and thought it was a fantastic way to use flickr. So from now on expect more photos.

Yes thats toas, in a toaster oven, mmmm. It’s a reference to “Ed, Edd n Eddy”, if you don’t watch you wont get it.

Quality Caymanian Website

Well at least the Caymanian Compass got it right. They were last to the web but their page is valid XHTML and valid CSS, bravo! The site is based on tables not CSS but thats a small nit pick compared to other sites like Cayman Net News and where the errors number in the hundreds.

They had an off island firm ( code the site for them. It’s a proper news site with articles on their own pages etc. They still don’t pepper articles with the classifieds but perhaps that will come in the future.

Javascript for Popups = Bad

To my dismay I discovered that the Cayman Islands Government home page uses a very broken version of a java-script popup function, probably stolen from some 1998, 4 inch thick, ‘The Web For Beginners’ guide to HTML. It makes incorrect use of the DOM, this is either an error or was never tested by the developers. In any case the usability of the site is horrid and the code is sloppy at best. I sent them a bug report to the purported webmasters e-mail address two weeks ago. It detailed the problem and its solutions, as yet I have received no response.

I wont bother to regale you with a description of how livid it makes me as a technology professional to see my country misrepresented in this way. I will defer to Mr. Aaron Boodman, who already keeps a hit list for people who deserve execution for their negligence. His article details the problem and its very simple solution.

I have also found a way to make your own personal bitch by rewriting their broken java-script on the fly using the fantastic greasemonkey plugin for Firefox (You do have Firefox, don’t you?).