Javascript for Popups = Bad

To my dismay I discovered that the Cayman Islands Government home page uses a very broken version of a java-script popup function, probably stolen from some 1998, 4 inch thick, ‘The Web For Beginners’ guide to HTML. It makes incorrect use of the DOM, this is either an error or was never tested by the developers. In any case the usability of the site is horrid and the code is sloppy at best. I sent them a bug report to the purported webmasters e-mail address two weeks ago. It detailed the problem and its solutions, as yet I have received no response.

I wont bother to regale you with a description of how livid it makes me as a technology professional to see my country misrepresented in this way. I will defer to Mr. Aaron Boodman, who already keeps a hit list for people who deserve execution for their negligence. His article details the problem and its very simple solution.

I have also found a way to make your own personal bitch by rewriting their broken java-script on the fly using the fantastic greasemonkey plugin for Firefox (You do have Firefox, don’t you?).



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