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Back to Work

Serious work got underway on the port of the BEEP Echo demo to JXTA today. I had a swarm of JXTA clients up and running and finding each other by the end of the day. This is p2p echo so each client is also an echo server. Each echo peer actively searches for other echo peers and prints a list of these for the user. The user can then interactively select a peer and run echo against that peer.

JxtaNetMap absolutely rocked for debugging. I could see my peers, their location on the network and actually observer network instability as it happened. The only thing that sucked was having to build it from CVS to make it work. Yet another powerfull ingredient in the JXTA ‘special sauce’, good stuff.

The next step is to test out the new JXTA BEEP session creator I’ve built. The idea being that a JxtaSocket should behave like any regular Socket once a connection is established. So for minimal work BEEP should run over JXTA :-). All in all a good days work.

Photos of the hurricane will be forthcoming as soon as my web-host gets their ImageMagick configuration set up correctly :-/.