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A Few Things On My Mind

A strange interaction bug on my work machine between Firebug, Visual Studio and Netvibes causes Firefox to run as slow as a dog. Remove any one factor from the equation and things return to normal AFTER a reboot. So I’ve seen it and I don’t know the actual underlying cause or solution. At home I don’t have Visual Studio running and its just fine. The bug only kicks in after visual Studio is launched.
The Apple iTunes COM SDK has disappeared from apples site. What gives Apple? We want it back with access to the new features!

I have been testing Google Apps for your domain service for a couple of months now. Recently there has been a lot of downtime. This coincides with the announcement that Google will be charging $50 for the service per year and paying users will get 99.9% uptime. In my case the only part of the service I care for is the e-mail gateway. Using GMail as a way to access my e-mail at work and to filter my spam has been very effective. $50 isn’t bad for that service. Of course my annual hosting fee at Dreamhost is only about double that.

Spektrum users (and probably all 2.4Ghz users) should be careful to orient their antennas towards the heaves lest they loose control of their model. A few people (yours truly included) are having glitching and lockouts related to pointing the tip of the antenna at the model. Its a good example of “Don’t Do That Then”, keep the tip of the antenna pointed away from the model and all is well. Much chastened by these events the author now has his ‘up’ all the time.

Lastly and probably of deepest importance. Internet radio as we know it is probably going to come to an end. As I write this I’m listening to the soothing sounds of “Groove Salad” on Soma FM. The same music station that brought you that Télépopmusik song from the Mitsubishi commercial. Yes, Groove Salad listeners were pretty tired of it by the time it got to the main stream. Now the RIAA wants to get its Payola on with internet radio. Net broadcasters will have to pay new per listener fees that even terrestrial broadcasters won’t pay. NPR isn’t happy and neither am I. With tunes going on sale sans DRM at the iTunes Music store, the logic behind this ruling no longer holds any water. Write your congress critter so we can save the music.