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Website Update

I went back and tore up my pages into template chunks and fed them into the template module system in MoveableType. This makes all the pages look the same which is a good thing. Some pages have different menu blocks which is also a neat trick. There are now RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds. The about page is no longer empty and expect to see a photo up there soon. I also added a plain text formatted version of my resume because some jobs require it to be in that format.

Next up is the links page which I’m hoping to replace with the contents of my bookmarks from FireFox. I also rather like the idea of doing some art work for a site logo and icon, perhaps its time to try The Gimp again.


Not a very productive day but its the first real work i have done in about a week.


  • Work on BEEP connections between peers.
  • Peers decide who is the ‘client’ and the ‘server’ by comparing the URI’s of their respective JXTA PeerID’s. The lesser PeerID is the client and thus responsible for making the connection.


  • All the old logging code is now replaced with Log4J.


  • Fixed a subtle bug in Presence that happened when peers went offline and came back rapidly. The per record would be replaced and a timer task would remove a different but ‘equal()’ record.
  • Fixed a synchronization bug in Presence shutdown where concurrent modification could occur in the peer list.
  • Found a subtle bug in the buddy list display. If the list is interacted before all peers appear online it will not display new peers. Most curious.
  • Also the buddy list is not being saved as it was before. This is actually a cool feature at this phase of testing so it may be made optional with the default being true.

Quick Interim Release

This is a quick release. Not much new functionality. The major changes are to JXTA and the way UI components are loaded. This release features JXTA 2.3 RC1. The UI has been changed so that GUI panels are created on demand when a view is requested rather. Each view is a unique set of components now, instead or recycling the same components for all views. This trades a small amount of memory usage for decreased startup times and views that maintain their look between uses. The UI has been generally brushed up to look more modern. Work continues on the Group Sharing view.

Build 119

Build 119 is out. The big news here is presence support. There is a Buddy List that will allow you to see who is online and who has been online. Chat works just as before.

Changes for 0.1.119 (30 Mar 2004):

  + File sharing and buddy list Panels added to main GUI
  - View Switcher updated to accommodate new panels
  + Group List now Alphabetically Sorted by Kernel
  + Custom Renderer for Buddy List added
  + Join/Leave buttons now work for the Buddy List
  - Improvements made to the RDV monitor (tracks time for connection, more consistent output)
  - Changed RDV search timeout to be 2 minutes (hopefully your wait is allot shorter than that!)
  + Basic presence service created (needs work, not exactly efficient, good enough for now)
  + Buddies (peers) now display in status view
  + Custom Icons for Buddies
  + Buddies for a group updated by heartbeat thread (once every 10 seconds)
  - shutting down the application now triggers client to leave all joined groups
  + Peer name now shows in title bar once connected to JXTA