Build 119

Build 119 is out. The big news here is presence support. There is a Buddy List that will allow you to see who is online and who has been online. Chat works just as before.

Changes for 0.1.119 (30 Mar 2004):

  + File sharing and buddy list Panels added to main GUI
  - View Switcher updated to accommodate new panels
  + Group List now Alphabetically Sorted by Kernel
  + Custom Renderer for Buddy List added
  + Join/Leave buttons now work for the Buddy List
  - Improvements made to the RDV monitor (tracks time for connection, more consistent output)
  - Changed RDV search timeout to be 2 minutes (hopefully your wait is allot shorter than that!)
  + Basic presence service created (needs work, not exactly efficient, good enough for now)
  + Buddies (peers) now display in status view
  + Custom Icons for Buddies
  + Buddies for a group updated by heartbeat thread (once every 10 seconds)
  - shutting down the application now triggers client to leave all joined groups
  + Peer name now shows in title bar once connected to JXTA



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