Post More Often!

I been taking it easy this week reflecting on how things are going with mindshare. One thing that I regret is not blogging more often. the main reason I don’t is that the process is too complicated. Using the web UI for Moveable Type is painful, but that’s what I’ve been doing so far. Write in Word, post from the browser. Edits need to go back into word to be spell checked. To do pictures id need to open an FTP tool as well.

So I went looking for a tool to help me do all of this. A posting, spell checking, image uploading, XHTML writing, honest to goodness program. Turns out there isn’t anything that entirely fits the bill. You can have your pick of the following:

  • BlogJet – This is a cool tool. Setup was easy to follow. Nice clean interface, uploads pictures. Its still in beta and doesn’t have a spell checker yet. I love it for its simplicity, here its about the post, not about the tool. You write straight into a preview pane, no HTML if you dont want to. I think with a spell checker it could easily become my favorite.
  • MTClient – Much more powerful that BlogJet with a proper in line spell checker. The bad part is there is no preview, so its back to writing HTML tags by hand.

I think ill use a mix of the two. BlogJet for posting and MTClient for proofing and editing. And ill try to post more often, both to waves and to mindshare.



One Response to “Post More Often!”

  1. Gravatar of Gooch Gooch
    10. May 2004 at 00:38

    Damn Gareth,

    You’re a computer nerd. Good to know I have someone I can talk to. :)