Mindshare RDV0 � New Permanent RDV For The Mindshare Group

When your client is searching for and RDV in the mindshare group you should see a message like this in the log:

rdv monitor:INFO: Group 'mindshare', Waiting for rendezvous connection...

I have set up a permanent server running mindshare at this ip address: ’′. It should be reachable if you have configured your client correctly. You should see the following line in the log if this server is successfully found:

rdv monitor:INFO: Group 'mindshare', RDV Event 'RDV CONNECT', peer 'Mindshare RDV0'

If you see this instead:

rdv monitor:INFO: Group 'mindshare', RDV Event 'BECAME RDV', peer 'Your Peer Name'

It means that your peer could not find my server and became an RDV itself (as it is designed to do). It also means that it is unlikely that you will become connected to anyone else. Please check your network config and environment if you have this problem. Delete the �.jxta� directory in the folder where you installed mindshare to run the Configurator again.



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