Nightly Build 0.0.112

This build adds a bunch of diagnostic stuff and gets rid of the annoying password dialog. You�ll need to delete your ‘.jxta’ directory when you install this release. Also the distribution now unpacks into a ‘mindshare’ folder to save you the trouble of creating one. Get it here.

I also have a hunch that using the ‘Use Only Configured Rendezvouses’ in the ‘Rendezcous/Relay’ section of the Configurator might help with some of the connectivity issues we are seeing.

Change Log:
+ RDV monitor now reports what type of event occurred and what peer was involved, by peer name if possible
+ RDV monitor now runs continuously for the life of the group
+ RDV monitor code pushed down into PeerGroupManager
+ Save button for the log window now saves the log file when pressed. File names are generated automatically.
+ Distribution package now extract to a folder ‘mindshare’ with all resources inside. Just use “Extract here” in winzip etc.
+ Pesky password dialog is not suppressed.
* The StreamCorruptedException is now caught and ignored.



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