First Group Chat Test

The first group chat test build is available from the nightly build section. Here are the instructions for testers:

  • What You Need To Run Mindshare
  • A computer running Suns Java 1.4.2. Any OS will do and you are certainly welcome to test on Linux and MacOS X.
  • No firewalls actively blocking connections to that computer.
  • If you are behind NAT (you have a cable/DSL router with more than 1 computer attached) you need to enable port forwarding of ports 9700 and 9701 to you test computer. Alternately you must use the HTTP transport (see details later).
  • the current build
  • the invitation file to the Chat Test Group
  • Where To Get The Build and Invitation file:

  • How To Install It:
  • Just unzip it where you want the application to live. It unpacks itself into a folder called ‘Mindshare’.

  • How To Run Mindshare
  • If you are on a modern OS and suns Java is properly installed: Just double click on the ‘mindshare.jar’ file to launch the program If you OS is challenged go to the command line, switch to the directory where mindshare.jar is located and type:

    >java -jar mindshare.jar

    Once its running go click ‘Connect’ on the toolbar. A big dialog will appear called The ‘JXTA Configurator’. This is the network library and it wants to know a bit more about your computer. You will only have to fill this out once.

  • How To Use The JXTA Configurator
  • This all depends on your network setup, firewalls and NAT at your location. Read this (im serious) to figure out whats what: Using the JXTA Configurator
    Ideally you want to be using TCP/IP transport and have either a straight connection to the Internet or have a port forwarded to your computer for JXTA. If you are using NAT you will need to go into your NAT software or router and determine you external Internet IP address. If you are using TCP/IP turn off the HTTP transport, you wont need it. Never have your peer act as a Rendezvous peer, mindshare will take care of that.

  • How to Get Connected To The Chat Test Group
  • Once JXTA is configured it will take up to 2 minutes for the client to connect to the network. Be patient. You’ll probably see the log stuck at: “rdv monitor:INFO: Waiting for rendezvous connection…” for quite a while. Its just trying to find other computers on the network. When the client is connected the ‘Accept Invitation’ option in the File menu will become available. So go File->Accept Invitation and point to the invitation file you downloaded. Once thats done select the group from the drop down list on the main toolbar. Click the ‘Join’ button on the toolbar. Once again, it may take a while to connect to this group. You can watch the log and to see whats happening. When the ‘Leave’ button becomes enabled you have joined the group.

  • How To Do Some Testing
  • Click the Chat button on the toolbar to show the chat window. whatever you say will be sent to the entire group.

  • report bugs!
  • If it doesn’t work, if it explodes, if it melts you computer, let me know about it. send e-mail to:



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