Fast Flash

Want a fast Compact Flash card for not too much money? Would you know where to ask for such a thing? After all, how
do you tell how fast one of those cards are anyway, arn’t they all the same?

Well, as it turns out, no they aren’t. What’s more I can probably guarantee that you paid too much for yours and that
yours is slower than mine. The best people to ask about flash cards aren’t MP3 junkies but high end digital camera
users. They need fast flash memory to save large (5-7MB) RAW format images from the cameras onboard memory before they
can take another shot. You just want fast memory so it doesn’t take all day to upload your photos or music.

One of the best sites for digicam reviews is Digital Picture Review ( Always see what they have to say
before purchasing your next digital camera. They also keep a databank of Compact Flash cards they have tested here: The card from RiData is blazing fast and it can be found online for not
too much money.

All this came to mind this evening because I was looking at the cost of MMC cards to go with the Nokia 3650. I had
seen some 128MB models in the $70 range but RiData makes a card of that capacity for $20 less. A big memory card will
probably encourage me to take pictures with the built in camera. I’m also toying with the idea of using it as a big
floppy disk to sooth my desire for portable mass storage. You can plug the card in anywhere that has USB (with the right
adapter of course) and that just about everywhere these
days. No more carrying around CD’s and floppies with little files on them. Now I just wish the card wasn’t
hidden under the battery in the

And now for fun lets have a rundown of 3650 reviews:



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