Buddy List’s and the Group Share

Right now I’m working on some improvements to the buddy list. In the past the buddy list couldn’t remember who the members of the group were between invocations of the software. Im fixing that now as well as adding some new features. You’ll be able to have a different identity in each group you join. You will also be able to log in with the same invitation file from multiple locations. With multiple location login you will still only show up in the everyones buddy list once. The join group and create group dialogs will undergo some change so you can specify your desired name and an e-mail address when you join a group.

All of this is being done so I can have a suitable test driver for the Group Share. The Group Share is actually the main focus of this project. To get it working I need to verify that all Group Share operations work on a single computer in simulation before i go sending things across a network. So for testing you will be able to click on a user in the buddy list and ‘become’  them. You can manipulate the Group Share as if you were that person instead of yourself. You’ll get to see how the concept works without the network in the way.

When the Buddy list work is finished ill do a release.  When the Group Share testing has been implemented I’ll do a release for testing. People can shake this stuff down and find all the bugs in the back end before the network is in the way.



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