Another Semester Begins

I am officially, as of this afternoon, an FIT student for another full semester. Paperwork has been signed, money has changed hands, the deal is done. I can say I’m fairly psyched about that.

This extension of deadlines means that I can turn my attentions back to code, which I love, and stop writing about code, which I love less. The extra time means that Mindshare is definitely going to get BEEPed. The plan calls for replacing the TCP/IP Sockets in BEEP with ones from JXTA. BEEP was, thankfully, designed for this to happen. Unfortunately i cant find any examples of anyone doing this. I guess that means it qualifies as ‘heavy wizardry‘. The bad news is I have no test suit because such tests need to be written in using JXTA and BEEP. I have a BEEP book on the way that should help with test & app development.

A friend wanted to do some ‘cool’ stuff in Java so we may sit down at the keyboard in the not too distant future and use JXTA and BEEP to make a simple one-to-one, P2P chat app. Something like a pair of walki talkies.

Of course there is a hurricane baring down on the very spot where I am writing this. His name is Fances and he’s a bad boy. Cat 4, very organized, nasty stuff.



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