Hurricane Ivan Pictures

MY enterprising friend Drew showed me some Internet sites that finally have good pictures of the destruction on Cayman. Iv lived there all my life and I don’t know where these pictures were taken without the labels. Iv been everywhere on that island and all the landmarks, trees and vegetation have been stripped clean. Some building lifted off the foundations and floated away. People in Florida should count themselves lucky.

Pictures by Courtney Platt 1, 2 & Leroy Wall 1.

I’m trying to ignore all this and get back on track with Mindshare. I’m playing with CVS, and when I say playing thats sarcasm. I have CVS builds of JXTA Platform & JXTA Security, JxtaNetMap, and beepcore in eclipse now. Now its time to modify beepcore so it can make connections over a JxtaSocket. Then build an Echo Service demo that works over JXTA. Give me echo and i’ll build you the world.



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