It Came From The Net

Not having a particular mandate to get anything major done has let me slip onto the net in search of cool stuff:

  • Podcasting is cool, as is iPodder. I get to hear people like Chris Pirillo, Cory Doctorow, Kevin Rose & Leo Laporte yabber on about stuff I find cool. Even if you don’t have an iPod you can still listen in using your favourite MP3 player. I set up my feeds so they play in the morning, its better than CNN. iPodder support for Winamp as a playback target would be a plus.
  • iPodder is written in Python using wxWidgets which is quite a shock. The look and feel is excellent, the app is snappy and has a reasonable memory footprint (30MB). It even has a tray icon, so the desktop integration is great, much better than the mess of third party libs you need with Java. Python for the desktop, who knew?
  • Digg is cool. Apparently this is a Kevin Rose thing, although that may not be so well known. You can go ‘digg’ stuff and see what others are ‘digging’, can ya digg it?
  • Ruby on Rails looks like its cool. It has Ajax libs built in and I want to do a web project with Ajax. I’m going to spend a day or two messing with this tutorial (found via digg) and see what I can make.



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