Off & Running with WordPress

You may notice some subtle changes on this site. I have made the switch from Moveable Type to Word Press. I had outgrown Moveable Type as a platform and found that it was just too hard to hack together the things that I wanted it to do. Upgrading to Word Press was fast and easy. I ported my old layout over to a 1.5 theme in just a few hours. Importing all my old posts was a snap and I love editing the templates and seeing instant results. Now I have nice things like archives that work, calendar history display, and a single dynamic sidebar template. I merged all the posts from the mindshare dev blog into this one.

Comments are open once again. I’m using an MD5 Javascript hack to foul the attempts at comment spam. Comments should work without any disturbance for those of you with Javascript enabled. If you have Javascript disabled your out of luck, you also can’t see my e-mail address either. In fact your probably just a mindless robot, imagine that.



One Response to “Off & Running with WordPress”

  1. Gravatar of J Random Hacker J Random Hacker
    11. May 2005 at 13:09

    Comments work fine for me. (my MD5 was QMcvWpnoZKswhaB)