Indrio Development: Fun with DOM

DOM is a swell gal, she treats me all right, just so long as I take her out to her favourite restaurant; Firefox. When I get cheap and go for fast food at Internet Explorer, she’s not happy.

innerHTML is a read only property in IE for the table and tbody elements. Trying to set it causes a very nondescript error with a code of 0. Firefox isn’t totally off the hook either. With large sets of rows there are rendering errors at the bottom of the table if you don’t define a background color. I’m using prototype.js to insert the rows returned from an AJAX call. I kluged a fix for IE by inserting the entire table every time.

Performance building that table was very bad for large result sets (1k+ rows). Python had a built in profiler & CherryPy has profiler support. I totally love this, this rocks 1000% more than Java. Reading and building the data set from iTunes was about 1/10th the total execution time so something else was not very fast. Turns out it was a module for the template engine that only worked with 2.4. I upgraded everything to 2.4 and performance got drastically better.

Now the major bottleneck is with fetching values from iTunes via COM. Thats about 80% of the time is spent in __getattr__ and _ApplyTypes_. Thats the COM stuff translating returned values into Python types and the majority of that time is probably spent in iTunes. The stop gap to give reasonable performance is to limit the number of rendered results.  I picked a ‘magic’ number, 300, which renders in under 2 seconds on my system. This will suck if your trying to search for music by genre and there are 1K+ results for ‘Trance’ in your library. Some sort of paging solution may have to be used to get through a result set like that. I don’t really see that as a major usage pattern in my experience. People generally ask for music by title or artist and this turns out to be very specific and returns a limited number of results.



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