Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso tickles me in a way that I enjoy entirely too much. Hayao Miyazaki is a genius, the modern equivalent of Walt Disney. If you have never seen his work I recommend Princess Mononoke as an introduction. Watch it and you will understand why cartoons are good for more than comedy.

Anyway, Proco Rosso I hadn’t seen until tonight. Its a movie about a fighter pilot in the post WWII era Mediterranean, who’s a Pig. He totally captured the way I felt about airplanes when I was a little boy. If you like that sort of thing you should dig up a copy and watch it.

On another note this reminded me of the Schneider Cup and the X-Prize and how the two are in no way similar. The Schneider Cup was an annual event and the X-Prize was a one time thing. The Cup was a race and people love to watch races. A race has the atmosphere of grease and engines and things that work well but not quite well enough. And with an annual event there is always next year to make a comeback. The new space race would be so much cooler if it was for maximum altitude or time above 100,000 feet.

Anyway, airplanes are cool. Old ones are double cool.



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