Netvibes runs my life. Something a Palm Pilot, a cell phone and various note books have failed at, consistently. Oh and it tracks my news feeds, friends photos, bookmarks, plays podcasts and its French. You want to make this you home page, go.

Password Maker - looks like a winner, but no storage of account info. My other big problem, aside from not varying my passwords enough, is that all my accounts on various services use different id’s and I need to keep track of them too. Preferably on my cell phone.

House MD is Sherlock Holmes, right down to the pill popping pain killer addiction, as deficient in human sympathy as he was pre-eminent in intelligence” . What is this with great intellects having a vice? Anyway I’m addicted, If you were ever a fan of Holmes then I recommend this series.

I upgraded WordPress only to find my favourite spam busting plugin stopped working, in came the Mongol hordes. Enter WordPress Hash Cache and goodbye spammers. They are still too stupid to build a JavaScript parser and I think that’s a big enough road block to stop people of such abysmal intelligence. Die Spammer Die!

My ISP ComOne are the worst ISP I have ever dealt with. If you are renting an apartment in the Pensacola area and you want to have any kind of internet access I would not rent from any property that uses their services. They buy business DSL lines from Bell-South and split them on a NAT network. At my complex, ‘Marcus Pointe’, there are 4 DSL lines split between 200 units! I pay $50 a month for 1/50 of a DSL line. Their technical staff is incompetent. You wont like them and you wont have any alternatives, you have been warned.



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