A Good Day Flying…

I got four flights in with the Inspire Mini this afternoon. It was windy, with the wind blowing across the runway, nasty conditions to go flying in with a park flyer. I did really well, all four flights went smooth and I even had some really nice landings. There were a bunch of mishaps, someone ground looped on takeoff and smashed their new airplane, several people nosed in on landing breaking props and landing gear. It was kinda brutal to watch all these crashes and mishaps and then have a perfectly fine day of flying myself. I guess I’m just getting better. I finally seem to be getting actual practice when I go flying instead of breaking things.

I’m redesigning this skin for WordPress, thats why the blog looks different. I started with K2 which is a really nice skin with configurable options and a bunch of cool stuff. I wrote up tasks for all the changes I intend to make and when I get spare time I’ll do one. Tonight it was making the layout wider, but it really needs to expand from some minimum size and not be fixed width this time. I’m going for a simpler look with RSS and search featured more heavily. Well, one little bit at a time.



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