The Matrix Reloaded

I saw Reloaded last night as it has finally wended its way to the islands this week. It was a very good show in my opinion. I discussed it with a friend who suggested that the action sequences were too long and become boring.

The action sequences are in no way integral to the plot. You could cut them out of the movie and loose nothing essential.The action just appears to be filler. Very nicely choreographed, Kung Fu, gun slinging, Katana wielding, CGI assisted filler. In the first movie the action sequences were molded into the plot. Neo was discovering his powers and each new action sequence shown some new ability or new side of his character. Ignoring the action I think it was a great movie, lots of deep stuff to ponder and enough evidence to support just about any possible outcome in the final installment.

In other news the website tweaking continues. The two styles were merged without incident. CSS and XHTML will validate perfectly once I get the character encoding into the templates, then the W3C buttons will go up. The links section is up, once again MoveableType is proving its flexibility.



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