Spam Spam Spam

It occured to me that spambots or e-mail harvesters might vacume these pages for my e-mail address. Now nobody wants to get spam, least of all me. A quick look around the web reveals 2 commin strategies for avoiding the spambots.

One is the convert your e-mail address to an HTML Unicode sequence. this is cumbersom and anoying unless its a single address youare doing this for. The seccond method uses JavaScript’s document.write() function to output your e-mail addresses from code. I found several script solutions online but none were general enough for me. I wrote my own, HideMail, and you can see the source here.

Obviously if you dont have JavaScript enabled in your browser you wont see the mailto: links. Too bad, you must not want to bad enough, or your a SpamBot. Either way Im not too concerned.

While i was writing HideMail and testing it on the links page I couldnt understand why the links.html file was not changing when I rebuilt that weblog. In desperation I wiped the template source hoping MT would pick it up from the file again. Oops, i didnt compleatly wipe the source from the input box and the file was emptied. Then i noticed why it wasnt updating int he first place, i hadn’t copied it localy and made the necessary changes.

So someone please fix MT so that in ‘link template to file’ mode you cant edit the template. Period. Always use the file, dont even show the text box, simple.



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