I was in the middle of writing a water cooling beginners guide with a bunch of links to suppliers and so on. Seams
that Overclockers.com has read my mind and published a very good beginners
guide with all the same advice and links that it took me 3 days to find on the net. You can read their
guide here. They also
have link to some of their own articles on reservoir construction and using Radio Shack relays to switch on your pump.
Two great ways to save some money if you build a water cooled rig.

I’m currently considering water cooling my next box. This should give me about 10 degrees cooler temps on the CPU and
also eliminate the tow major sources of noise in the computer: the CPU fan and the Graphics card. Water cooling is at a
stage where it shouldn’t be too hard to get it right. There is lots of information out there now. also the cost isn’t
that bad, between $100 and $200. You could save that on your next CPU purchase and do an overclock.



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