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My housing situation is getting stranger by the day. Now the usurpers, who wanted to rent the place out from under me and were putting pressure on the apartment complex, have disbanded. The poor guy that’s in there now wants to share the place with me. Unfortunately for him I’ve already promised to make other arrangements. I guess this just means more options for me.

I read all about the current copyright situation today Linux Journal. It was a very good article explaining why we live in very strange times as far as copyright is concerned. This lead on to some interesting stuff on telecoms as simple pervayors of bits because the network now consists of inteligent nodes (computers) instead of dumb telephones. All worth reading.

I’m in discussions with my profs over my thesis topic. They think the idea is interesting and that there is defiantly enough ‘research’ to constitute a thesis. Right now we are looking at how original the idea is. Groove Networks makes something similar. Their solution is aimed at business users and provides very structured co-ordination tools. On my project I’m theorizing that too much structure will actually be a hindrance to small projects because people work very informally. They do have problems arranging meeting times and such but not so badly that they need a calendar application to do so. A Wiki should be more that sufficient to act as message board, whiteboard, notepad and calendar.

Come to think of it I might not call it a Wiki because this term seams to elicit nothing but confusion from uninitiated users. The user interface will be a big push in the project. It has to be easy to use for people to adopt it. I’m also toying with the idea of implementing the CVS protocol locally so that tools like eclipse can talk to my software without modification. Not much is set in stone at the moment, other than the P2P nature of the software. I will have to evaluate the benefits of each potential feature and my available time.

Feature set? To Be Determined…
Finished? When Its Done.



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