People Can Fly

Thats right people can fly, all it takes is a little music.

First up: OpenOffice. I decided that I had used Word enough in the past to know better than to try and write my thesis in it. It was going to screw the formatting right up. I wanted something that worked like CSS. You make styles, you apply styles, stupid program doesn’t change those styles. Well OpenOffice Writer is supposed to be the ticket.

And then the problems. Writer cant continue a block of numbering so if you break a block you are SOL. The good news is that the bug is fixed in the beta 2.0 code. It sort of works! But there is a crash bug with the Table of Contents feature in build 680_m45.

I haven’t yet investigated LaTeX of Doc-Book but I might do that before this is over. I want to publish HTML & PDF (shudder) versions of the thesis. I’m also looking at putting the mighty tome under a Creative Commons License.

Next up: Music. Endre – Kallocain (Robert Nickson mix) rocks my world. Very uplifting trance, reminds me of Paul Van Dyk’s For an Angel, just that good. Well worth the listen, I advise playing it LOUD! I would point you to info about the artist/remixologist but I cant find it anywhere., which brings me to the rant:

And now its time for a breakdown: <rant>Posting the above track here is part of something called “MP3 Blogging” (search of google). As such it may not be entirely legal to post the above track. However I think that by endorsing the track I am at least in some way acting to promote the artist. Note that said track is not available ANYWHERE for legal download that I can find in US currency. It certainly isn’t on iTunes/PressPlay/Napster etc. I cant run down to Best Buy and score me a copy either. In Cayman I would be totally SOL. Give me a service that has the music I want and Ill gladly pay the artists.</rant>

P.S. This is just made my day:



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