Website Maintenance

I finally uploaded my resume. That page has been blank for almost a year! Now I guess the job offers will just start rolling in ;-).

I also updated the template for the main page. IT had a small bug that stopped the main page from passing for XHTML 1.0 Transitional. It would almost pass for strict, but I’ve used the underline (<u>) tag in one of my posts and I’m not sure thats something I want to give up just yet. So the XHTML and CSS validity buttons have been added along with the Get Firefox button. I’m glad to finally see them up there. You can click and they will run the validator to prove I’m not fibbing.

I’ll add the buttons to the rest of the site as soon as I get the other templates validated. The Resume page is particularly broken in this regard. It may need custom CSS to render correctly and still validate. Ooo! perhaps I can get my Gimp/Photoshop skills high enough to make a mindshare web button!

Jay sent this one my way this evening: Totally Grid Bag. Anyone who’s done any GUI programming outside of Visual Basic should feel this guys pain. I mean I feel it, or I used to. I felt it so much that I wouldn’t stand for it anymore. Mindshare uses SwixML, a XUL variant for Swing. No more layout code! And, I’m happy to say, not a GridBag in sight.



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