Breeze F3P

Design for a Full Fuse Biplane for F3P/F3AI Competition

In the spirit of free beer and open source these plans are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Go check out the Breeze F3P thread on RC Groups.

Breeze F3P Photo Set Breeze F3P - From the Back

See a video of the Breeze in flight.


Length: 920 mm
Span: 862 mm
Wing Area: 29.76 dm²
Side Area: 14.28 dm²
Aspect Ratio (S²/A): 4.99
Target Weight: 180g
Wing Loading: 6.0 g/dm²


Plans and past version; see the plans page

Suggested Equipment

  • Axi 2204 or similar 20g-25g motor
  • 2s 300mah – 450mah battery
  • 3 x 6g servos (BMS 306 or Hitec HS-50)
  • 4 channel receiver
  • Speed control good for at least 6 amps (e.g. Thunderbird 9)
  • 20-25g 2s Lipo battery

Materials Needed

  • 3 sheets 3mm Depron (36×27)
  • Carbon Rod for Landing gear; 1.5mm
  • Light Weight Wheels
  • Pull-Pull Control Horns
  • Kevlar Thread
  • Velcro for mounting batteries
  • Heat shrink for aileron pushrods
  • CA Hinge Material (for empennage)
  • Hinge Tape
  • Foam Glue & Thin CA

Design Considerations:

I wanted the parts to be easy to cut by hand since its going to be built from scratch. The number of curves and the total part count was kept to a minimum. The Breeze has an aspect ratio similar to the Donuts-Models biplanes. It has generous side area and large interplane struts for good knife edge performance. Keeping weight below the weight target will, of course, improve performance.



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