Got A Lot Going On

I’m moving to Oklahoma City in two weeks. This sort of looms large on the immediate horizon. I’m not good at organizing this sort of thing so its pretty crazy.

I have an E-Foamies Extra 300 on order. Its a rubber airplane so I can fly outside like crazy and not worry so much about destroying the airplane. I really want to get some stick time in and improve my flying. I want to start doing competitions by next year. Its also my first ARF (Almost Ready to Fly). I am generally anti ARF but I understand why thats better for most people.

Its also going to be nice to see how this EPP stuff behaves in thin sheets. I see a lot of potential for improvements to the Breeze using hybrid EPP/Depron construction. I have a few crashes on the Breeze now. It keeps breaking in the tail because the tail flexes too easily. I’ll need to modify the plans to help reinforce that area. The elevator needs a redesign as well.
Ruby is cool. Everyone says so, all the cool kids are using it. Seriously, Duck Typing and Mixins are where its at. I seriously cannot count the number of times I wished things worked like that in Java. Its too bad that C#/.NET had to be a feature duoplication of Java. When you look at somehting like Duck Typing or Mixins either is easily a bigger win for developers than all the things you can come up with in .NET that suposedly make it better than Java. I really need a project to do in Ruby.



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